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Summer School (Middle School)

Summer School Registration Form

We believe strongly that learning is a progression, building upon itself over time, and that students are most successful when they have the necessary prerequisite skills and knowledge for the next grade level. Because of this belief, students that are unsuccessful in showing mastery of their learning by the end of the school year will be expected to complete summer school courses.

School Board policy #2640 and Idaho state statute require a student to pass 80% of their attempted classes (which means they must pass 15 of their 18 courses for the year) to be eligible to progress to the next grade level. If a student has not passed at least 15 of their 18 courses, they are expected to complete summer school or be retained to repeat their grade level to ensure that they are ready for the next school year.

The 2022-2023 Summer School for middle schoolers is NOT OPEN for registration. Information will be sent out to parents and students toward the end of the school year. Students are expected to be in classes at Rocky Mountain Middle School Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. If your child normally rides a bus, transportation will be provided for students at the beginning and end of the day. Students can complete up to 2 courses during each block (for a total of 4 credits recovered over the course of the summer if necessary). Because we believe strongly that school is about learning and being able to have students show mastery of that learning, as soon as a student has provided the necessary evidence of learning, they no longer need to attend summer school. Their assigned teacher will communicate that with your student and with yourselves once they have completed the course. 

To register for summer school courses, please complete the registration form: Summer School Registration Form. If you have specific questions or need assistance in registering, please contact your child’s school counselor (Mrs. Bone for 7th graders and Ms. Todd for 8th graders).